We're wild about businesses who are kickin butt in their field. Businesses who are hustlers, go-getters, leaders, and paving their own path. These companies are also so freakin generous because they've agreed to sponsor Thrive, Wildly by gifting their masterful products with our attendees - which is so cool! We love our sponsors!



"We are designed by women. We are made by women." Now this is a business we can get behind! Claimed to be a "worldwide artistic collaboration", their passion is to provide quality handmade products through responsible commerce that empowers women to raise themselves out of poverty across the world. They partner with artisans around the world and employ at-risk women with livable wages. They sell a variety of products - apparel, accessories, home goods, and more - all of which are products that you can know exactly where they came from. 



A favorite + faithful sponsor for Thrive Wildly, this brand is a favorite of mine. I've personally used MiGoals planners + goal journals for 3 years now and I can confidently say the design + goal-focused pages have helped me stay organized, on track, and helped me reach some big goals! 

As Australia's leading empowering stationary brand, their mission is to help people dream, plan, and take action on the life they want. "A global community of dream chasers and action takers helping you GET SHIT DONE." Isn't that a brand you can get behind? 


The Apricot Memoirs

This book of poetry is indeed for the faint of heart - for the strongest of hearts - for the hearts needing to swell with hope, goodness, light, and inspiration. Tess Guinery, author + self-publisher of her own thoughts, prayers, and poems - kindly + generously offered up over a dozen of these books to gift to our attendees. I reached out to her because her way with words has honestly moved me & inspired me on days where I don't know why I'm doing what I'm doing. 
The Apricot Memoirs is "a fusion of creativity, prose & poetry; birthed within a season of travel & adventure - a surrender from the great for the even greater." See? even her description is poetic. 


Salt & Water

This new little business is the latest + hottest thing to hit Oklahoma City. It's doors aren't even open yet, but founder + owner Chelsey Ann is a good friend of mine and will be blessing our attendees with some non-toxic goodies from her new shop! I'm so excited to se Salt & Water flourish and thrive and that we get to be a small part of the beginning. 


Gathered Home Shop

Another local shop we love to support and are so excited to be supported in return by is this little gem - Gathered Home Shop! Founder + owner Gena Rainey has impeccable taste and fills her shop with the cutest + best home decor pieces, imported goods from Morocco, the creations of artisans local + abroad, and paves the way for authentic community. We love the way she makes her shop so homey and affordable.


design letters

Design Letters is a young Danish design company founded by a former journalist who had a love for letters, words, and good design. At the time of founding Design Letters, there weren't "fashionable letters in the interior world - only noisy, childish letters for wall decoration."
So, like a woman after our own heart, she set her own path, founded this company, and designed her own letters, her own type, her own brand - with a flare of scandinavian style, we're big fans of how these letters can make any room/home/office personalized + chic. 



We're so excited to pamper our attendees with this sponsor, Lapcos! 
"Lapcos is an innovative leader and established cosmetic brand in Korea that utilizes the best ingredients and technologies to bring gentle, yet effective luxury skincare at a valued price."