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Thrive Wildly Photography Workshop _ Melissa Marshall
I had all of my questions answered & learned more in those four days than I would have on my own.
— Brittani, Thrive Wildly attendee



Thrive Wildly is a game changer & finding the right words to describe what it did/is doing for my business is really tough for me. At Thrive Wildly, everything was pretty much taken care of for you so that you could give your entire focus to learning + growing. I never felt less than for not knowing something simple, I only felt loved & supported by every person there. Melissa was an open book & shared everything with us. I felt like I had all of my questions answered & learned more in those four days than I would have on my own. It gave me the confidence I was lacking & has helped me make some huge, exciting changes to my business. I am forever thankful for Melissa & her willingness to pour her knowledge into those ready to grow + learn! She is a gift to the photography world & I wouldn't want any other mentor to learn from.




Thrive Wildly exceeded every expectation. From the delicious meals, to the exotic locations in our styled shoots, to the bond formed between all of us girls was just a dream. Melissa was great about answering any question I had about business, editing, & even camera settings during our shoots. If you're looking for something that fills your creative cup & encourages you to go for your dreams--look no further. It literally was all around the absolute best experience!





Thrive Wildly was a week full of encouragement, inspiration, and vision. I've never felt so quickly at home with a group of girls who truly embodied community over competition. I returned home excited to hustle and motived to build my brand into successful business I believe it can be! Melissa is so personable and has created the most intentional workshop. I am feeling refreshed and totally grateful after attending Thrive!




Thrive Wildly was hands down the best investment I have made for my business. I learned things I haven't been able to learn anywhere else and have been able to start implementing them into my business right away! Taking big leaps in your business can be scary, but I am so so thankful that I chose this one. Melissa has so much knowledge and so graciously shares it, genuinely wanting to help all of us kill it in our businesses! I am so thankful for this opportunity!




Thrive was such an amazing experience! Getting to invest a whole 3-4 days into nothing but photography + growing + learning was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be more thankful for Melissa + everyone involved for taking time to educate others. Help is always necessary. 10/10 recommend thrive wildly <3




Before meeting Melissa, I was so nervous because I was about to meet one of my biggest inspirations. However, after the session began, I quickly forgot about my nervousness. It was like I was talking with a friend. Melissa's authenticity and big heart light up a room. I never felt as if there was a gap between our experience but instead like I was an equal.

Despite the fast paced day, Melissa never rushed our conversations. It is evident how much she pours into her mentor sessions + her business. I appreciate and respect how transparent she was with sharing what she knows. I know I will look back on this for years to come and know it is what changed my passion and my business. It was the encouragement and the inspiration I needed -- she made me feel cared for and reminded me of my worth and talent. A thank you just doesn't even begin to cover it.




I have never felt more guided and cared for as a photographer. Melissa made me feel like her friend and was there all weekend to answer my questions and push me to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone as a creative and business owner. Not only did she educate us, but she also arranged the most incredible styled shoots for us! Her eye for creativity is unmatched and it was so inspiring to see her work and how she navigates a shoot and let's her creativity flow. I felt like I learned so much in such a short amount of time and cannot wait to implement everything into my business.




Melissa Marshall is the best of the best when it comes to teaching. I was brand new to the photography world when I did my 1:1 with her. I left my session feeling so much more motivated than I was going into it! She validated my goals, dreams, fears & hesitation. She also made me want to become a total girl boss & just go for it!! The biggest thing I took away from my 1:1 was confidence that I was on the right track. That has been a game changer with my business! I wouldn't want to learn from anyone but Melissa. She genuinely cares about helping others thrive in their business.


Thrive Wildly was hands down the best investment I have made for my business.
— Madeline, Thrive Wildly Attendee
Thrive Wildly Photography Workshop _ Melissa Marshall